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All Interior and Exterior Surfaces - how to thin oil based primer - what do you Both paint thinner/mineral spirits and penatrol will thin the paint.

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Like paints, primers can be too thick to spray, and you might have to thin them to water-based primer or a small amount of mineral spirits to oil-based primer.

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2 Steps - Learn how to properly thin paint and clean different brushes and While latex-based primers and paints are convenient and versatile, oil-based.

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Don't mess up all your hard work by glopping on paint that's too thick. You can thin oil-based paints yourself, but take more care in doing it.

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Oil-based paints frequently require "thinning" to reduce their viscosity, or thickness, to improve flow and shorten drying time. If primer requires thinning prior to.

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This simple answer is: You have thinners, ranging from turpentine to mineral spirits, that do a great job of thinning paints, but that thinning reduces the oil content.

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The surface being painted has already received an oil based primer in the past. If you are trying to thin an oil based primer, you cannot use water to do so.

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Without proper primer, the latex paint on top of the oil-based bubbles, If the primer is too difficult to smooth with your paintbrush, thin it slightly.

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So, I am in the process of painting some newly purchased Ikea I am using a Kilz Original oil based primer. Especially when thinning

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Most water-based versions of KILZ-brand primers may be thinned by adding a small amount of However, KILZ advises against thinning its oil-based primers, including KILZ Original Primer and How Long Must Primer Dry Before Painting ?.