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Cooking Tips for Tenderizing Your Venison Cuts. David Draper Anybody can cook a deer steak, but when it comes to the rest of the animal, hunters are often at a loss. . Or anytime you're using a Crock-Pot or slow cooker?.

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Crock-Pot preparation works well for deer roasts because the low heat and slow While a marinade is optional, it helps to tenderize deer meat and reduce the.

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Flatten steaks with a tenderizing mallet or other blunt object. This works best when you place the venison meat between two pieces of waxed.

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Don't let your venison roast dry out in the oven! to cook up a delicious venison roast or venison stew in the crock-pot or slow cooker. The beer helps tenderize the meat while accentuating that perfectly gamey flavor with.

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The deer meat comes out SO tender and moist and full of flavor! Crock-Pot Venison Tenderloin - With just 4 ingredients in this quick and easy recipe .. While we have not tested this recipe with tenderized venison steaks yet Todd I don't see.

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Venison roast slow cooked with onion, creamy mushroom soup, a dab of this and a pan with some red wine, and added that nice sauce to the crock pot as we.