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Sound of a police car in the United States. Police often use the siren intermittently . Also spelled whoop whoop. This onomatopoeia is used in the chorus of the.

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I like the one suggested by the UD: Wee woo: is the sound a siren makes. It is used in jest, to make fun of police cars, fire engines, ambulances.

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Hello! anyone can tell me the English word for the sound a siren thanks, in fact I had thought of that word but I couldn't remember the spelling.

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Just say AIR HORN BLAST. Don't spell it out, that's confusing. permalink; embed Readers know an airhorn makes a sound. Don't try to spell it.

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Related Questions. Did you know that you can't spell sounds? How Do I Get A Half Life 2 Siren Sound? Do Sirens attract Succubuses?.

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After police issued an apology for using their sirens to settle a debate with schoolchildren, test your own knowledge of the different sounds.

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Words that imitate the sounds or noises they refer to are examples of onomatopoeia. Some of these words can also function as verbs: Birds chirp, sirens blare.