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Removing asbestos from the pipes in your home is certainly something that should be on your "must do" list. Whether or not you should do it yourself, however.

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For instructions on how to remove asbestos safely download our Fact Sheet 1 or . and downpipes should be in good repair on buildings with asbestos roofing.

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i.e. removing them invokes asbestos abatement. Leaving the wrap on is probably less hazardous, but what do you do with the whole pipe?.

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There are a couple of asbestos wrapped pipes in the cellar of the pipe lagging perfectly safe without the huge fees required to remove it.

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Asbestos Pipes should never be dry cut at any stage during removal Provide for the use of a Safe Work Methods Statement (SWMS) for.

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Removing asbestos in plant and pipes or pits. This Code of Practice on how to safely remove asbestos is an approved code of practice under section of.

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The pipes are not currently in use, and the seller (whose dad is a he could cut the pipes and remove them entirely without disturbing the asbestos. Although it is probably just as safe or safer to do the encapsulation.