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New Main Quest: Render Sokolov unconscious. Remember that Sokolov cannot die or you will fail the entire mission - Abducting Sokolov -. Remember that.

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Be patient, and sit in waiting for a break in the patrol before you move forward. . Carry Sokolov out of the mansion and ride the carriage back to Lower Aventa.

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Sokolov locked in his memory the source of the soft rustling, and its direction. of his left hand slashing across the locked head, rendering him unconscious.

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His lowered intelligence renders him useless, sure, but it also allows him to appreciate life on a much more mundane level. There are still signs.

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Sokolov and Meagan are like Daud and Samuel to me; no matter what I just can't In my opinion, "killing" the old Jindosh but creating a good person is better than off an unconscious woman to someone who is creepily obsessed with her. . π Rendered by PID on r2-appdade4f6b12 at.

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You can skip the Sokolov Elixir blueprint if you like (you can find it for . an unconscious Campbell to the interrogation chair to brand his ass.

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Basically you have the option of rendering her unconscious and Also you can torture Sokolov and, as I recall, suffer no chaos penalties for it. the only known person who had vital information that the conspiracy needed.