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But would you know if there's a way to freeze the data in VIEW even the In Oracle you can decide when to refresh the MV, but in Teradata you.

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Not, you can request the views or make selects from the tables at once. It is possible to build a materialized view via Teradata's join index.

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Abstract: Materialized views are implemented as join indexes in Teradata. Join in - dexes can be used to improve the performance of queries at.

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View is nothing but a set a sql statements together which join single or multiple tables and shows the data.. however views do not have the.

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Materialized views can be refreshed - they are snapshots of data taken at regular the big advantage of a Materialized View is extremely fast retrieval of.

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Most of the databases uses concept of materialised views (which stores data). Sadly, in case of teradata there is no such concept of.

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Teradata suggests the use of fully normalized physical schemas (specifically, Complex views potentially should be materialized with physical.