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Find answers to all your questions about buying an Ice-Watch. Watches for women, men, girls and boys with original design, colorful and trendy. Free shipping.

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Waterproof or water resistant watches usually need a wrench to unscrew the back. I use a pair of 90 degree circlip pliers. A jeweller would.

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Hello, you can open your ice watch most likely with a sharpen knife, but be carefull. AED ARS AUD BRL CAD CNY DKK EUR MXN NZD NOK.

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Ice-Watch® needs to be take care regularly in order to work in good condition. We cannot indicate the intervals for such work, which depends on the model.

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Ice-Watch must be serviced regularly in order for it to work correctly. The length of time between services will vary depending on the model, climate and the care you take of your watch. As a general rule Press button A to start and stop the.

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The Instruction Manual of Ice Watch Ice watch, one of the famous brands worldwide, Watch start upIt's very easy and just follows my step.

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Ice Watches have become the latest craze. They are mainly called toy watches as that is what they look like, endorsed by many celebrities it is a watch that has.

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If you are responsible for car parks, paths, steps or open public spaces, Ice Watch provides a complete forecasting, gritting and snow clearing service tailored to.