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It doesn't matter if you've fake baked, gotten some good, old-fashion sunshine or Consider a Face Tanner: "I do recommend a face tanning lotion, color of your foundation completely in an attempt to match summer skin.

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Can anyone share what they do when they have a fake tan in regards to of finding a foundation match for a fake tan without having it on yet?.

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When you put foundation on your skin after getting a spray tan, your goal should be first and foremost to make things look as natural as possible.

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After a hefty fake tan, it seems Abbie's foundation couldn't quite keep up as her Make sure you have in your beauty arsenal foundation shades for when He said: "A great trick for foundation matching is to apply a tiny bit of.

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It's easy to apply, the fake tan smell is subtle and looks natural. My favourite foundation matches my natural skin tone but it's too expensive to.

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Should I just go down to the make-up counter in House of Fraser and ask them to match a foundation to my neck tan? I'm so confused!! (PS I am gettign a tan for.