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Egg Biryani - Thalassery Special A specialty Biryani from the Malabar region. Egg Biryani - Thalassery Special - Recipe and Video available in Malayalam . Prepare Egg Masala: While the rice is being cooked, we can start on the masala.

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How to make Egg Biryani | Kerala Egg-Mutta Biryani. Cooking the rice: 1. Wash and soak the rice for 30 mins, Drain the rice and keep it aside. 2. Heat a pan with .

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Egg biryani is an easy to prepare dish. Here you can enjoy a delicious kerala egg biryani. It is a boiled egg based recipe.

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Egg biryani recipe easy and quick, flavorful and delicious. Learn how to make egg biryani or easy muttai biryani with step by step photos.

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Egg roast biryani recipe made in kerala style with video & step by step photos. One of the most flavorful, delicious and easy to make dish.

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Here is the Recipe for an Easy to Prepare and Tasty Egg Biriyani. Boil the Basmati rice in 6 cups of water with a little salt, 1/2 tsp biryani masala and 1 tsp oil, till each Good recipe well explained and you gave the malayalam translation of.

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egg biryani, egg biriyani, how to make egg biryani, egg biryani recipe, kerala style egg biryani, Click here to view the recipe in Malayalam - Opens new tab.

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This is the most easy and best Biryani with eggs i have tried and thanks to Vahchefs easy video instruction.

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for garnishing: make small slits on hard boiled a mix of pepper, chilly and this to the oil in a pan then shallow fry the.

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The spicy mouth watering Kerala Easy Egg Biriyani is made with Before serving Kerala Easy Egg Biryani, mix the rice well and add fried.