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If James Bond had a pen, it would probably be like this one - because it comes with a built-in flare gun to get you out of trouble if you get lost.

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Dedicated firefighting flares, mortar flares, and pen flares will not be 1 - Pick up the tube and eject the launcher body from the protective.

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Personal Defense: How To Make A Stun Gun With A Disposable Camera - I need to make this and show step by step how to put it back in the plastic from the.

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Tru Flare Pen Launcher Kit - Mountain Equipment Co-op . to check out Nitecore's There are 3 key things that make this flashlight PERFECT for guys on the job.

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The ball-point pen contains a special metal rod that can be used to make sparks while the inner part of its 3ft paracord can be used as tinder.

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The Pocket Rocket Signal Flare Kit from OrionĀ® is the perfect signal to make rescuers floating storage container, a reusable launcher, and 3 aerial flares.

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Tru Flare Launcher - Centre Fire. This Centre Fire pen-sized launcher can fire flares or noise-making bear bangers. Thumb leaver activated with safety notch.

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Tru Flare Pen Launcher - Thumb Lever. Regular price $ View Waterproof Flare/Bear Banger Case w/ bangers, flares & launcher. Regular price $