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Tip: The frame will eventually act as a magnetic sandwich for the artwork, so make sure the magnets are glued in the right direction. You want.

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How to make a magnet board from an old picture frame. #DIY #MagnetBoard.

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A simple picture frame and a piece of sheet metal come together to make an upcycled magnetic message board. It's perfect for pantry doors, entry ways, offices.

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Learn how to make an easy and simple magnetic wood picture frame in just a few easy steps! This project costs less than $10 to make!.

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Homemade Magnetic Frame: I wanted to make a frame for my art without using glass. So using some scrap wood, sandpaper, epoxy, screws and magnets I.

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Frames can be expensive, especially for large posters or art, but some Make this magnet frame for a simple, good-looking frame that lets your.