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Guys, i just reached lvl 14 and i want to join a troop raid. My troop's admin has started a raid, but sadly everyone's away atm. So i was wondering if someone.

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Troop raids are the standard raids you can start from the Troop menu. Raids are group battles against powerful monsters and bosses. Work with your Troop to.

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I cant find the button anywhere, I started but my troop members dont know how to join, where is the damn raid button in the menu. in old.

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Look around the map in each of these areas for the doorway marked "Hall". Click on the flag to enter the hall. Raid Halls are marked as "Hall".

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One of the best ways to gain powerful monsters in Battle Camp is through raiding. Players are able to Raid once they join or start a troop.

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Battle Camp News. [Raid Event] Defeat the troublemaker elfie! [New Content] Collect stylish new holiday Patch v - Enter the Rooster. #battlecamp.

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Campers, This new raid event will be starting soon! It will include TvT, new monsters, new costumes, crystals from the raid boss, new reward types, and.