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A short demonstration of how to create a simple NetBeans Platform application and module and use Maven for the build framework.

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NetBeans IDE supports the Maven build system to help you manage project dependencies, builds, reports, and documentation. Open, build, run, debug, profile.

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Building, Utilities, , , This plugin adds an action to the Maven project nodes, The phar extension provides a way to put entire PHP applications into a.

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If this is your first Maven project you will want to check the Maven configuration settings in the Options window. Maven is bundled with the IDE and installed.

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23 PHP; 24 UML; 25 Bug Reporting; 26 NetBeans Community; 27 Mailing Lists; 28 Update Center (Plugin How to install the IDE of the same version several times? . Can I debug Maven builds (mojo code) from the IDE?.

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5 PHP. (S)FTP client; Debugger improvements; PHPUnit .. the currently selected Maven installation as well as ~/.m2/

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Using the Embedded WebKit Browser; Creating a NetBeans HTML5 Project; Installing and Using Bower; Editing the HTML File; Saving the Project as a Site.