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Discover KPM porcelain's long history of craftsmanship, key stylistic shifts, cultural influences, and learn how to decipher KPM porcelain marks.

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By , the same letters were beginning to be used by the Royal Porcelain This article discusses KPM marks used after and will focus on pieces from it can often be difficult to detect letter substitutions without a careful inspection.

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Antique KPM porcelain wares from these periods are widely-collected and . Impressed KPM mark on an antique porcelain plaque.

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A guide to Berlin Porcelain Marks including the Berlin Sceptre Mark, the KPM Orb mark and significant dates in the history of Berlin Porcelain.

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China and porcelain ware marking identifying marks and symbols | Antique and Porcelain and China Ware Marks KPM (Royal Porcelain Factory, Berlin).

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K.P.M. porcelain can still be purchased for under $, although values can also Backstamps are marks that appear on the underside of a ceramic to identify.