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If you want to hit your irons well, Butch Harmon says there are 3 musts at With the ball back, you're less likely to make a good shift to your front side If you hit a lot of fat iron shots, chances are you're not shifting to your front.

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and Teachers Share their Best Tips. SubscribeSubscribe. Approach Shots. How to Hit Irons: 9 Pros and Teachers Share their Best Tips. Start Slideshow.

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Amateurs who hit their irons flush know they can shoot really good Your ball position should be the same for every iron shot: in line with the.

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If either of these sound like you then your golf iron shots are in The good news is any golfer of any ability can learn how to hit solid, crisp golf.

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Great iron play is how better players distinguish themselves. But what's a yard drive if you can't hit the green on your second shot?.

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There are few things that feel more satisfying than a perfectly struck iron shot. Unfortunately for most of us, it doesn't happen all that often but.

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If you want to improve your game and become a better golfer, hitting straight iron shots keeps your ball in play and trains fundamental swing.

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Do you want to hit better iron shots? We've compiled 5 great tips that are designed to start helping you hit more greens and have more birdies.

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You know golf is all about approach shots. Which means that you have to hit your irons better. Here's how you hit those crisp, compressed iron shots.