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The table below shows you how much Manor House servants would have been paid for a year's work at Manderston in , and how much money that would.

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A flow chart of the domestic staff hierarchy in an manor house and the wages they would have earned then and corrected for inflation to today's values.

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The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have stimulated a plethora of research on civil servant remuneration and poverty reduction through improved civil.

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Although it may not seem much, housemaids did not have to pay for their In a smaller home where only one servant was employed, £20 per.

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ing power Wages have also been a central element of economic analysis. Stan - on how remuneration of domestic servants was fixed and paid illustrates.

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Barber kept accounts of servant wages and when they came into the the rates of servants' wages: Amenial male servant could get £ per.

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Everyday life in Tudor England - Wages and paydays for servants in the time of Queen They also get bed and board and 2 or 3 suits of livery clothing per year.

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Civil servants reject latest wage offer after protests Cash shortages have plunged Zimbabwe's financial system into disarray, threatening.

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Lower-paid civil servants have recognised they are being singled out as second- class workers and this has fanned the flames of discontent.

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After eight years of austerity, every public sector worker deserves a decent pay rise - and we won't accept any cherrypicking in next week's.