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Mobile Home Roof Over Ideas | A Great Upgrade To Your Home . applied directly to your roof, or onto a frame fitted on top of the original roof.

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Building a mobile home roof is best done right over the existing roof. Build the frame using the 2-by-6 rafters and a 2-by top stringer. You will need several.

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Great Home Upgrade. Build a roof over an existing mobile home roof - link is faulty .. How To Build A Small Portico Above A Door - Part 1 - The Basic Frame.

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Q: I have an old mobile home that I would like to put a new roof on. I don't want it to hold the weight of the roof, but am thinking more along the.

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Mobile homes with flat roofs aren't as popular as they once were. .. work: remodels, repairs, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and framing.

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Also, the addition roof will extend above the mobile home roof due to trying to keep the floor level the same as the mobile home. Can the A frame addition roof be.