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Often, black shades can appear too harsh when you use it to fill your entire eyebrow. Even if you had properly mastered how to draw your.

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So up your brow game with these expert tips and tools for Asian brows. “ hairlike” strokes to fill in brows, creating a 3-D effect – or for those with tan So easy to use, nothing beats classic pencils and crayons when it comes.

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The right eyebrow shape is all that you need to highlight your beautiful Asian look .

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However, I do have peers in my circle who are hesitant about filling in their eyebrows Check out Christina's YouTube video “Easy Eyebrows”.

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hair and beautiful eyes. Here are top 10 eyebrow shapes for Asian eyes that work perfectly. [ Read: Easy Tips To Shape Your Eyebrows ].

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Unsure how to fill in your brows and keep them looking natural? Adding a highlight under the arch of the brow is an easy way to add lift to the.