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Bring your right arm up to the correct position. . Polish military perform a salute identical to the more common hand salute, however, the ring and pinky fingers.

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A salute is a gesture or other action used to display respect. Salutes are primarily associated with armed forces, but other organizations .. Specifically, a proper salute goes as follows: Raise the right hand sharply, fingers and thumb . ship crews, meanwhile do the traditional military salutes if they are in uniform on duty; .

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For the U.S. Military, it may vary from unit to unit. However, the standard salute is as follows: If you are standing still, you must first be in the.

weighbridge brewhouse history of christmas provide extensive information about The Hand Salute The proper way to salute when wearing the beret or without headgear is to raise A good rule of thumb is this: if you are outdoors and it is practical to salute, do so.

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When wearing headgear without a visor (or uncovered) and not wearing glasses, execute the hand salute in the same manner as previously described in.

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The Military Salute is a long-standing tradition of military forces around the world, render an improper salute, expect a small lecture on proper execution and a.

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Customs include positive actions — things you do — and taboos, or things you avoid. Some military customs are established by regulation, and you can be.

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Saluting is one of the most common and basic forms of military courtesy. It is extremely important that you are able to render and properly return a hand salute. Failure to do so not only reflects negatively on the individual but the organization .

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Overview of saluting rules and history for Veterans and military personnel when members don't return a salute unless commanded to do so.

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Here are the saluting customs of the U.S. Military Forces today. holds the salute until it has been returned, executes the appropriate facing.