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What you have to remember when driving ANY turbocharged (meaning an exhaust-driven supercharger) is that there is an inherent lag involved. Let's walk .

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The days where you needed to be an expert to drive a turbocharged performance car (like the first-gen Turbo shown above) are long gone.

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We take a look at 5 turbo driving and maintenance tips to ensure you get more from your turbocharged car and protect your engine.

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A car with a turbocharger needs special care. Know how to care for your turbo and how to drive a turbocharged car – Dastek Unichip.

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Like other cars, turbocharged cars also need a strict regular maintenance You can experience a great deal of driving satisfaction with a turbocharged car.

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Nearly every diesel car in the market is turbocharged now. Even then, it doesn't hurt to let that Mercedes turbo cool off for a minute after a hard drive. Further.

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Tips for looking after a turbocharged car seems to more and more sought after from warming up and cooling down your engine before and after you drive.

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It uses the exhaust gas to drive a turbine. That's why a turbocharged car can produce more power (which is another way of saying "more.