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This one involves some three digit numbers, so most people will not want to do the math in their head. Warn the volunteer that he will.

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How to Do a Math Magic Trick. Everyone knows magic tricks are fun, but not enough people realize that math can be as well. Whether you're teaching students.

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Mind Reading Trick With Numbers: This trick uses simple math to read your mark's mind. This is a great give it away. You will need: A brain - the ability to do simple addition and subtraction. By godmode in PlayMagic-tricks. 1,, .

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How to Perform the Magic Number Trick. Simply read the following to your spectator or audience, giving them time to make the necessary.

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Here's one of those mathematical oddities that masquerades as a magic trick— the telephone number predictor trick!.

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But the really clever trick is explaining to them why these 'tricks' are maths Take off the last digit and you will be able to work out how much the coins are worth!.

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I Will Read Your Mind – Math Magic Trick Three Digit Number We can more easily do this by writing the numbers in expanded form.