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Definition of hostname and how to find it in Windows. The hostname for a computer on a home network may be something like new laptop, Guest-Desktop, or FamilyPC. Each of the following is an example of a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) with its hostname written off to the side.

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Change a server's hostname in CentOS. Last updated on: ; Authored by: Rackspace Support. By default, your server is started with the server's given.

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A Hostname is the unique name given to a computer connected to the Internet. For example, the hostname for my website is These hostnames are resolved to their IP Address equivalent using the Domain Name System.

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In this article, we will show you how to set system hostname or domain name permanently in Linux using hostname and hostnamectl command.

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Normally we will set the hostname of a system during the installation process. Many peoples don't care about this, and don't change the .

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In computer networking, a hostname (archaically nodename) is a label that is assigned to a device connected to a computer network and that is used to identify .

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Ubuntu Linux Change Hostname: Explains how to change the Ubuntu computer/ server/laptop name (hostname) using the command line option.