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How to Create a Perfect Villain. A good villain in a story can wreak havoc on other characters and help to generate conflict. Creating a perfect villain can really .

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How to Create a Credible Villain in Fiction. A good villain in a work of fiction can help to draw readers in and propel the story forward. Rather than just a one.

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If you are one of those people, and you are interested in making your own Note : The term SUPERvillain means better than just average villains so they.

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The personality of the villain you have will help you develop characteristics specific to Showing restraint until a climactic moment will make your villain more.

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If you're at the point of creating a character, chances are you have at least the idea of a plot/story in mind. If you're . Give your character a home—with a mirror.

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In this Article:Sample Character DescriptionMaking an Interesting Evil Villain Community Q&A10 I will do anything to protect my home/town/country from them.

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Then, create the character's backstory and determine their relationship to other . Outline whether the character has both parents who still live at home.

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This is how to create an epic villain in your story without making them seem weak and . Gone on vacation for two months, maid came to ready house for us.

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Most stories written have a villain or antagonist of some sort as a main A good example of a villain with depth would be that as a teenager, their home had.

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How to Kill a Villain in a Story. So you've made the decision to kill the main villain of your story. As a writer you need to actually make a good choice on how to.