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If you want to change the permission of file in your internal storage then just open root explorer (I assume it already rooted) and navigate to.

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When you install an app from Google Play on a device running Android and up You can change the permissions that apps can access in the main Settings .

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In order to set the file permission all you need is to have Root explore/Browser or . Many thanks I too am totally lost by permission setting. a new thread under android development, asking about how to set permissions.

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Now I need to change permissions for the folder which is inside Data However when I try to change the permissions of a file or folder, I get the.

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Android permissions used to be a mess, but modern versions of Open the Settings app and tap “Apps” under the Device heading to get.

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Fixing file permission our setting an app's Read, Write and Execute rules to get a mod or ported app to work, thus becomes a piece of knowledge all Android.

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In Android Marshmallow, Google totally revamped how you manage app permissions: It's a change that's apparent every time you download an.

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I guess the file system you are working on is mounted as readonly mode. /system is readonly by default. You need to run the following.