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Useful information. How do I become an audio describer? The first port of call is to visit a play or production where Audio Description is happening, attend the.

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The Audio Description Association (ADA) provides a range of training opportunities for new and practising describers, and others interested in access solutions.

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Audio description is a means of making the arts accessible through words to blind and Audio description requires you to be able to convey the important visual.

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Training resources for audio describers, educational description, and January , , at the NC Museum of Art. The next one is likely to be in early

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I've been expecting these five videos so I can begin the audio description (AD or description) process. But obviously the description has to be comprehensible.

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Information, Gear, Gadgets, and Concrete Steps to becoming an Audio Describer .

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Interested in becoming an Audio Describer with MindsEye? These hour long sessions provide an opportunity to find out more and ask questions on the process.

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The American Council of the Blind's Audio Description Project Announces Its Thirteenth Audio Description Institute to be held February at.

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Of the California Audio Describers Alliance Adopted October 28, by AudioVision, Los Angeles I really enjoy seeing it as it was meant to be seen by all.”4.