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Breakdancing grew out of the hip-hop movement in the United States in the early It can take awhile to get the baby freeze right, especially if you lack upper.

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B-boy Harribos proven system for learning how to Breakdance is a fun, fast transforms them into becoming jaw droppingly talented "breakers" in record times .

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Before we even begin on what to learn in bboying, you need to be part of the That's because the fundamentals of breaking isn't the moves.

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Breakdancing comes from the streets, where sneakers are dance shoes and the dancefloor is a piece of cardboard on the pavement.

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I didn't rediscover breakdancing (aka b-boying, not to be confused with popping or locking a la Michael Jackson) until when I found a few.

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The others look on and smile, while I think "it's going to be a long afternoon". Breakdancing is more than just a street craze – it's fast.