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Even if you barely know how to apply mascara, you'll be armed with the Try blue mascara for grey, brown, or light green eyes or just to make.

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If you're looking for another way to make your eyes pop, line the top and bottom of your eyes in a matching eyeliner. Rocking cobalt blue mascara? Use the.

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Turquoise might seem like it's too close to blue to make an impact, but a few swipes of this bold mascara will accentuate bright blue eyes.

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Mascara makes your eyes look brighter and full of life, and the lip color . swipe on your blue mascara and then apply a strip of dark falsies on.

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If you have green eyes, blue mascara adds a vivid shock of color, your lid before applying the mascara to make your lashes pop even more.

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From black to a hint of blue, green, purple, or brown can take a look Tim also said for lighter skin tones with lighter eyes, use brown then tip.

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As you age, there are a few tricks you can use to look beautiful and For instance, blue eyes pop with earth tones while green eyes tend to glow with a little purple nearby. Curl your lashes, then apply a mascara primer.

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Ok so as you can probably tell i have blue eyes and have bought quite i've found brown mascara to look very natural. it really helps to use an.

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Blue eyes might be a recessive trait, but if you've got them, they deserve liner, and mascara shades designed to make your blue eyes pop. Put the focus on them with a palette like Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No.

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This is the best way to apply mascara, whether you want a thick, of hours there are little black flakes dotted under your eyes - sound familiar? I'm not saying you need to show up with 80s-approved bright blue lashes, but it.