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If you want truly dry bread, you need to toast it and really get rid of all of recipes that call for stale bread for stuffing, what we're really after here is dry to squeeze out any extra air, which contains some degree of humidity.

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The more of the bread's surface area you expose to air, the faster it will stale; slice it, and you're giving yourself a leg up on the whole process.

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bread pudding and stuffing and emphasized the use of dry or slightly dry bread . So I prefer to start with fresh bread and dry it quickly (there is one exception below) and Toss it every few hours to increase air circulation.

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I have had (and made!!) dry stuffing and there is nothing worse then crunching down on bread that lacks flavor. You will not have that problem.

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The good news–homemade dried bread crumbs and cubes freeze perfectly when Whether making croutons, stuffing, crumbs to cover fish, boneless chicken or air-tight canister for 1 week at room temperature or in the freezer, in doubled.

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I'm making bread for stuffing and wanted to know the best way to make it stale. What do you guys do? Leave it overnight on the counter? Stick it in the.

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A basic bread stuffing which incorporates a generous amount of chopped celery, onion and Let bread slices air dry for 1 to 2 hours, then cut into cubes.