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Moving Extents to Existing Physical Volumes · Moving Extents to a New Disk · Creating a Mirrored LVM Logical Volume in a Cluster.

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Adding a New Hard Disk Using LVM. In this example, a new IDE hard disk was added. The figure below illustrates the details for the new hard disk.

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Increase disk space by adding a new disk, creating a new partition, if you're running the XFS file system (default as of RedHat/CentOS 7) you.

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Volume Group (VG): Combines the physical volumes into storage groups. Note : If you don't what to use LVM, you can add disk directly to an.

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In the previous chapter we looked at adding a new disk drive to a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 system, creating a partition and file system and.

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It's important to note that you can add more space to existing volume groups in a LVM setup. LVM is the default type of disk management that.