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Unfortunately, when you share them this way, all it does is tweet out an Instagram link. Using IFTTT, you can have your actual Instagram photos.

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How to Post Instagram Photos Directly to Twitter. If you're a Currently, an attempt to do this results in the image showing up as a link to the Instagram website.

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If you've ever tried posting a photo from Instagram to Twitter then you'll know the tweet doesn't actually include the photo, but only a link. It looks.

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Share Instagram photos on Twitter only when you include a specific #hashtag in the caption. by Instagram Verified IFTTT User. 70k Users Enabled This Applet.

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Why: Twitter took this ability away years ago and it's time to add it back ( Instagram IS owned by Facebook ya know). So we just have to set it up ourselves .

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Instagram has disabled photo integration with Twitter, but there's a workaround. They need to click the Instagram link to view the photo.

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When you post a photo from Instagram to Twitter, it shows up as a link to Instagram's website. This isn't Twitter's fault, so don't hate the.