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Stuck in a dead-end career? It might be time to go back to school Going back to university to gain another qualification, start afresh after not finishing a.

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Go back to school full-time Don't go back This wasn't really an option. Although University is a great investment in yourself and will pay off in the long run.

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September is looming and a few things are making you realise how totally and utterly screwed you are when you go back to uni *gulp*.

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SPOILER: "Getting a good job" is rarely in the mix. 2) Going back to the exact life you led pre-university, flopping into it like a comfy sofa.

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The justification for going back to college was to be more employable. of returning older students is a trend that has been going on for a while, find, one of the best kept secrets in the state, Southern Oregon University.

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There's a capacity and energy for absorbing new facts that goes unexercised when we For the returning student, a schedule is almost certainly essential: work.

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The thing is, university halls are notoriously small and it's likely you'll struggle to find space for all your belongings. You might go back home.