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What will labor and delivery actually be like with two or more? (No sense practicing natural pain management in your childbirth education class if that's two) is usually longer in a twin delivery than in a singleton delivery.

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Keywords: natural birth, unmedicated birth, twins, multiples, natural twin birth, I might come across and how to prepare for coping through the pain of labor.

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Information on giving birth to twins including where you should give birth, and quicker to assist the delivery when the mother already has good pain relief.

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While no birth is typical, there are a few things that women expecting twins should prepare for and discuss with their healthcare provider.

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For those who are wondering about the safety of a vaginal twin delivery, know that . ease a breech birth, enlarge a too-tight vaginal opening, or prevent painful .

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If only we knew exactly when and how twin labor will happen. They're “practice contractions”—your uterus is tightening to prepare for labor. If you feel abdominal pain and cramps, again, track when and how often they.

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What to expect when your twins or triplets are born, including your birth choices and If you're planning a vaginal delivery, it's usually recommended that you have an epidural for pain relief, but you Find out more about preparing for twins .

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How to Minimize Pain and Enjoy Your Twin Pregnancy keeps mother and babies safe and healthy in preparation for the birthing process.

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WebMD describes several types of childbirth classes including what to the medication-free methods of managing the pain of childbirth.

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Childbirth Education - Parkville: main page. This program is intended for all women who are having a multiple birth and their partner/support person. It is relevant.