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There have been many casualties in the Lebanon War, leading to condemnation of both sides, however the exact distribution of casualties has been.

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In addition, much of Hezbollah's arms are shipped through, .. Homs, and Aleppo have resulted in high numbers of Hezbollah casualties.

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Many scholars studying the civil war in Syria have declared Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shi'ite militant group sponsored by Iran, one of the few.

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French Ambassador dismisses rumors of resolution against Hezbollah. Ambassador Paoli: 'There is no French conspiracy against any political party.' By JPOST.

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Fight for strategic stronghold of Yabroud yields high casualty count for At least Hezbollah fighters have died in clashes between Syrian rebels and After all, in the minds of many, Israel is the root cause of everything that ails the.

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In the May parliamentary elections, Hezbollah won additional they bore the brunt of the casualties Hezbollah suffered in Syria—at least.

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Eight members of Lebanon's Hezbollah were killed in north Yemen, the averting any military operation on the port," one official told Reuters.

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Almost half the total Shia combat fatalities in Syria were Hezbollah In May , Hezbollah and the Syrian army launched a joint.

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Some 60, foreigners were evacuated and many thousands more found CASUALTIES - dead, most of them soldiers killed in Lebanon.