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World's first dedicated running music and jogging music website made to and accurate training method simply download music with BPM , or

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As long as I am running to the beat of the song, I know what speed I am running. Choreographing minutes/mile = mph = bpm.

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Linking BPM to Running Speed | run2rhythm. Photo by The Drum & Bass genre typically plays at BPM - excellent running music.

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I have started running around 5 months ago, at first I have done C25k, method with means at 31 you shouldn't be running faster than around distance was in the k range, a comfortable pace was bpm.

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For those of you that enjoy running with music (and use Spotify), I wanted to share my running playlist. I've compiled a wide variety of songs in.

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The right playlist, playing songs at the right beats per minute (BPM), can have a profound impact on If you're pushing yourself with some short, fast runs, then you might want to go for something between to BPM.