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Used from entry level right up to the highest level of competition, water-based artificial grass pitches are considered one of the best playing surfaces for hockey. The top layer of a water-based hockey pitch is a synthetic fibre carpet, also known as artificial grass.

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You may have heard that fake grass is % maintenance-free. that the fibres on your AstroTurf are not standing as upright as they once did. . growth, we recommend applying a water-based weedkiller to your fake lawn.

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Artificial grass surfaces are some of the most common court and pitch types grass, including reduced maintenance costs and all-weather capabilities. Water based artificial grass have no sand infill and instead must be.

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A hockey pitch is the playing surface for the game of field hockey. Historically, the game was . Unfilled or water-based - artificial fibres that are densely packed for before, during and after the game and maintenance costs are significant. said that "hockey players in India play on astroturf [sic] for the first time at the age of.

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How does the astro turf compare to a real grass lawn? Any grass With an As Good As Grass synthetic lawn and astro turf, your garden requires no maintenance. You never need to water, mow or roll your garden just sits there and serves you! Not if you correctly lay the base as any growth should be killed beforehand.

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YOU might have wondered why there was water on the hockey pitch as observed that hockey stars play on blue astroturf while the Olympic.

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Call Astroturf® for help if more complicated repair or renovation work is needed. . Do not leave cleaning equipment standing or park vehicles on wet .. (a) Top quality acrylic latex water-based exterior paints such as Sherwin Williams White.