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Aconitase (aconitate hydratase; EC ) is an enzyme that catalyses the stereo-specific Aconitase is inhibited by fluoroacetate, therefore fluoroacetate is poisonous. Fluoroacetate, in the citric acid cycle, can innocently enter as.

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The fluorocitrate isomer that is a strong inhibitor and inacti f fluoro- detailed study of the stereospecificity chemical of aconitase inhibition by fluorocitrate.

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Aconitase is an iron-sulfur protein that is involved in the first step of the tricarboxylic Aconitases are enzymes that catalyze the stereospecific isomerization of .. in in situ synaptosomal mitochondria that H2O2 also inhibited this enzyme at very .. Fluorocitrate and MnCl2 are included to limit the inactivation of aconitase by.

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Aconitases are enzymes that catalyze the stereospecific isomerization of citrate to . include fluorocitrate (which inhibits aconitase) formed from fluoroacetate or.

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ABSTRACT: The molecular mechanism of toxic action of fluoroacetate is analyzed in the perspective of Stereospecific enzymatic conversion of fluoroacetate via . enzyme citrate synthase, and that inhibits aconitase, is the 2R, 3R, isomer (cf.

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That HTn is the product of fluorocitrate inhibition is supported by the crystal structure of the enzyme-inhibitor complex at Å resolution.

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tate yielded an isomer of monofluorocit,rate which did not inhibit .. fluorocitrate does not inhibit aconitase, and thus all three car- .. of LDsO and Is,, values based on initial rate On the basis of these data and stereospecificity of chemical.