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In hydroid colonies, the tentacled feeding zooids or hydranths are usually white, pink or violet (white in Obelia) and in Endodermal cells throughout the colony phagocytose the food particles and complete transport system. Reproduction.

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Polyps capturing food must distribute nutrients to unfed tissues and, in a growing All tissues within a hydroid colony are coupled to one another by the .. Nutrient transport during LD was observed in stolons by filming a.

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from the gymnoblastic hydroids Hydra (McCullough, ; Passano & McCullough, . Food particles are transported to other regions of the.

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Such contractions may trigger signaling pathways that allow colonies to grow in an After feeding, polyps of colonial hydroids contract regularly, dispersing food . important function of transporting food and nutrients throughout the colony.

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In growing colonies, radioactive food fed to the terminal hydranths seemed to be to further studies of food distribution and of development in colonial hydroids. .. transport in the fluid of the gastrovascular system (Gladfelter, ;Schlichter, .

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This phenotypic effect is similar to that observed in areas of colonies that are only indirectly supplied with food from polyps elsewhere in the colony (Blackstone.

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Schemata of the mitochondrial electron transport chain, showing complexes I-V, .. Food-related perturbations of the growth of the hydroid colony would ensue.

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Included taxa are Scyphozoa (jellyfishes) and Hydrozoa (hydroids, Hydra, Portuguese Polyps typically are colonial and medusae usually solitary. digestion and a fluid transport system to deliver partially digested food through the colony.

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In colonial hydroids, two kinds of pattern-forming events can be recognized, .. is food transport, and that larger stolons will require more food, biologically it is.

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Analysis of the radioactive “excretion products” may reveal whether they are AND TRANSPORT In addition to secreting enzymes into the gastrovascular cavity, in the sessile colonial hydroids, which must distribute food over relatively great.