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For those who read within the iBooks app of iOS, digital bookmarks are a very useful feature that work much like bookmarks do in a real paper.

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Bookmarks and highlights in your e-books are like favorites you save in your web browser: They enable you to revisit a favorite page or refresh your memory.

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Question: Q: bookmarks for audio books in ibook. Have an audio book created with audio bookbuilder in iBook. Works just fine but no way to.

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Add links to locations within the book or on the web. Add bookmarks to navigate quickly through your book.

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I have a book I'm reading that I received from a book publisher. It's an ePub file, which works well with iBooks. Since I love the interface in iBooks, I.

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Hi I have been reading an ePub format book with iBooks. Dacvak · KyldeThe Janitor; BabyMonkeyOnPigYa Had One Job; about moderation team» But I was able to highlight and bookmark that ePub on MacOS iBooks.

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One of the coolest features of iBooks is wireless bookmark syncing. Turns out bookmarks sync isn't turned ON by default, so you must enable it to work.

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Apple is amazingly quiet about bookmarks in iBooks - other then mentioning that it is possible. If you follow this link to the iBook FAQ, click.

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When I open iBooks on my MacBook, I do not see the PDF there. that syncing bookmarks only works with books downloaded from iBooks.