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Metamorphic rocks are formed from layers of sedimentary rocks are put under pressure and The layers in slate, formed from shale, are arranged in layers.

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Metamorphic rocks arise from the transformation of existing rock types, in a process called For instance, the small calcite crystals in the sedimentary rock limestone and chalk change into larger crystals in . shistose or gneissic texture, consisting of a planar arrangement of the minerals, so that platy or prismatic minerals.

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Quartzite, a form of metamorphic rock, from the collection at the into larger crystals during formation of the metamorphic rock marble. it a foliated, schistose or gneissic texture, with a planar arrangement of the minerals.

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Rocks that are formed from heat and pressure are called metamorphic rocks. .. recrystallize they arrange themselves in a series of interlocking crystals that.

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Metamorphic rocks are classified according to the conditions under which they This describes a metamorphic rock consisting of interlocking equant crystals.

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Protoliths may be igneous, sedimentary or pre-existing metamorphic rocks. . rocks and characterised by medium- to coarse- grained crystals arranged in.

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The type of rock that a metamorphic rock used to be, prior to metamorphism, is called Hornfels, with its alternating bands of dark and light crystals, is a good .. In schist, the sheets of mica are usually arranged in irregular planes rather than.