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Hexxagon is an online strategy game. After a few tries you may be able to get a "win" by capturing over half the board (scoring more than

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If you want to play a game just like Hexxagon, please have a look at: . When it's above 'master-level' you will soon find out you can't beat the pc-player. At least.

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Hexagon is not one of the oldest or most popular strategy board games but it That however is not to say that a first move guarantees a win every time.

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Adapted with permission from Glenn C. Rhoads strategy guide. A turn in Hex consists of placing a piece of your color on a hexagon. The first player's goal is to .

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Hexxagon is a puzzle game which requires logic, skill and strategy! It is entirely possible to beat the PC (in six moves) - so don't give up on your first shot!.

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We can't afford to lose any more men and it is time to win this war. strategies we discover an empty page with the title 'the Hexagon Strategy'.

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Play Hexxagon online for free! A highly addictive, radioactive and hexagonal board game based on Ataxx.

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The hexxagon game will load in a new window, and then: Choose if Playing the game is the best way to analize the options and develop a winning strategy.