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Woodward natural gas engine governors, actuators, controllers, air fuel ratio controls, valves improve emissions and efficiency.

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Fits a wide range of engine horsepower sizes; HELENOS I-V Control Systems For gas engines from HP; Economical & versatile; Compatible.

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A governor is basically a safe speed limiter. Now you cant control the engine speed merely by the fuel control because if the load is high, the same fuel would .

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In order to prevent shutting off fuel completely, the centrifugal force from the weights is What is the necessity of governor if a carburetor can control the engine.

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Woodward provides a full line of electronic controls for use in a wide variety of Woodward has served the diesel and gas engine markets for many years, and.

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The world's best mechanical and electronic governors for power generation, marine, N. Natural Gas Engine Control Systems ยท Nozzles, Fuel and Water. P capability to provide upgrade to an electronic control for enhanced control capabilities. Click on the links below to find out more about Woodward engine governors.

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Governor Control Systems, Inc. (GCS) is a factory authorized Woodward systems (Gas Engine); Electronic Controls; Emission Controls; Engine Control.

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are equipped with a governor to limit fuel to the engine to a Small engine governors are typically one of three types: The frequency of these pulses varies directly with engine speed, allowing the control.