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“For When I Am Weak, Then Am I Strong”. Gérald Caussé Dec. 3, • Devotional Perhaps you feel too weak to overcome such challenges. Perhaps you.

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I just listened to this nice message. In particular, I appreciated this part of his message (reproduced here from the text of the speech available at.

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"I am convinced that a husband is never more attractive to his wife . Read a summary of Bishop Gérald Caussé's message here. "If you feel small and weak , please simply come unto Christ, who makes weak things strong.

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Gerald Causse gives a speech entitled "For When I Am Weak, Then Am I Strong.".

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Bishop Gerald Causse, Member of the LDS Presiding Bishopric.

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Terryl Givens (11/29/05) BYU talk on Joseph Smith I want to listen to. LDS Church member need to use all resources available to learn about the history of our.