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Aug 5, A burning sensation in your feet may be caused by nerve damage in the legs, also called neuropathy. Although many medical conditions can.

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Nov 4, A look at hot feet, a condition causing a hot or burning sensation to the feet. Poor footwear and standing or walking for long periods of time.

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Jun 4, This article will go over why your toe might be red, symptoms to look for, what If your toes turn red, you'll usually have more symptoms than just discoloration. soaking your toe in warm water; antifungal medication such as.

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Jun 8, Q. I have a condition in which my feet become burning red and hot to the A. It's true that many people suffer from burning of the feet, usually due to standing When it occurs there's a burning pain, the feet turn bright red and.

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May 31, by a terribly hot, burning sensation. It is usually cool to the touch but can feel hot at certain times when a small area of my feet turns bright red.

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Question: I am on my feet all day at work but I have recently noticed that Answer: Red, swollen legs may be a sign of a circulation problem; therefore, it is .

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The three main symptoms of erythromelalgia are heat, pain and redness in the skin. The feet are most commonly affected, but the hands, arms, legs, ears and which can be bad enough to make walking, standing, socialising, exercising and which worsens to pain, and tender, mottled red skin that feels warm or hot to the.

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A provisional diagnosis of gout was made as the foot looked red and inflamed. the affected area is warm or even hot, while in ischaemia the foot feels cold.