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Where Lovers Mourn is the debut full-length album released by the band Draconian through Napalm Records on the 20 October It was recorded and.

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Where Lovers Mourn. Draconian. Released K. Where Lovers Mourn Tracklist. 1. The Cry Of Silence Lyrics. 2. Silent Winter Lyrics. 3. A Slumber Did My.

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Where Lovers Mourn ยท Draconian. Type: Full-length; Release date: October 20th, ; Catalog ID: NPR Label: Napalm Records; Format.

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Movin' On and Grateful for it. Regular readers may have been curious about the marked reduction in my posts recently. Frankly, I have been in.

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Have been grieving and out of it during Heidi's final weeks of life,and desperate to May your love for your pet endure beyond your lifetime.