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Doctor Who (–) The Doctor and Clara arrive at an old manor house in where Alec Palmer and Emma Grayling are investigating the existence of a ghost. Continuing in the patter of Series 7 episodes, "Hide" is an enjoyable episode, blessed with the finest FX effects yet.

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Dougray Scott played Alec Palmer in the Doctor Who television story Hide. External link Dougray Scott at the Internet Movie Database.

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'Doctor Who' has always managed to attract some major UK star-power, and looks to be no different as filming ramps up on the shows.

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"Hide" is the ninth episode of the seventh series of the British science fiction television series . Cross said that Raine and co-guest star Dougray Scott were good at filling out their characters, as he found it difficult to fully "evoke the history of a.

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New look. The Doctor and Clara. The Doctor. Clara. Worse things happen at sea ? Ghostly Light? Dougray Scott plays Alec Palmer Alec Palmer and Clara.

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Dougray Scott was interviewed on This Morning earlier today and confirmed his guest role in Series 7 of Doctor Who. The Scottish actor was.

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Most people are probably familiar with Dougray Scott from his big screen career, which is where I got my first taste of him. He might be most.

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New leaked press photos from the set of Doctor Who have revealed that Soldier Soldier star Dougray Scott will appear in an upcoming episode.

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Take a look at what's coming in the next episode of Doctor Who, Hide, starring Jessica Raine and Dougray Scott.