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Pretty much everyone takes selfies these days, but there's a fine line between commemorating how hot you look one day and being a straight-up selfie addict.

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I'm sure the thought never crossed your mind because everyone is doing it. you shouldn't date someone who takes more selfies than you do.

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It doesn't take a rocket scientist to identify if the guy you're dating is completely full of himself. But is he a full-blown narcissist or even a.

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Ah, mirror pics. The ol' “I want to take a selfie, but I want you to see it all” trick. And men, let me tell you, we really do see it ALL. Your messy.

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I don't know why a guy would like to take selfies. Maby he has a Donald Trump syndrome. Personally I'm ugly enough without being reminded.

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Take a look at this list of the many reasons you should never subject yourself to dating a person who takes too many selfies. We are sick of seeing you guys pull out your front camera at every idle moment. We know they look.

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Men who post bathroom selfies on dating sites. Are they so arrogant, they think we'll take them as they are — poorly groomed and standing in.