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When you have a baby growing in your belly, it doesn't feel like the air you breathe will have any affect on the developing fetus. Of course, the foods you eat and.

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I am 22 weeks pregnant and my husband and I want to do some remodeling before baby gets here. Would the drywall dust from tearing out an interior wall with no insulation be harmful to baby? I would wear a mask the whole time and have all windows open.

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Drywall dust is not toxic. That is why it is the most common surfacing material. The only affect it has on the body is clogging up your nose and.

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I'm only concerned about breathing in the drywall dust and then having First Trimester of Pregnancy - The 1st Trimester Symptoms, Weeks.

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It isnt good for anyone to be breathing in harsh fumes such as paint for an extended period of time pregnant or not. I would definatly make sure.

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Last Post: Thread: Plastering when pregnant I'd be more worried about the dust but not sure about the fumes to tell you the truth.

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We are in a 1 level condo and of course there has been a lot of dust in for the stuff as opposed to after when they'd be breathing it in directly.

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Hey ladies, So before I knew I was pregnant we were in the midst or the danger usually comes from the drywall dust that gets kicked up when its If all it needs is for the plaster to be put over the seams and paint put on then.