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During any “ordinary” illness such as a cold, sore throat, flu, tummy bug, fever, mastitis, etc. you should continue to breastfeed. Just remind your.

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In fact, breastfeeding while sick can have many benefits – read our article to If you're exposed to a bacterial or viral infection, your body makes antibodies to.

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Breastfeeding moms may be asking two questions: how do I keep flu and cold germs away from my home? And can I The best way to prevent the spread of germs and viruses is to keep things clean. Better safe than sick!.

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Since most viruses have an incubation period of five to seven days, the The only reasons a sick mother shouldn't breastfeed are if she feels.

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Learn whether it's safe to breastfeed your baby if you're sick with a cold, flu, or virus and what you should do if you have a fever when you're nursing.

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If you catch the common cold, flu, or stomach virus, there is no reason to stop breastfeeding while sick. Breastmilk does not transmit viruses to.