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Breakup Excuses and What They Mean. Let's face it - we'd rather relocate to the South Pole, than face an unceremonious breakup, especially.

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The Relationship Dictionary: 12 Lines We Use For Breakups And What They Really Mean. By Ashley Fern. June 16 Breaking up is never easy to do.

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One of my favorite comedians Aziz Ansari talks a lot about modern dating and romance in his writing, comedy, and stand-up. His observations and commentary .

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If you've been dumped with an overused and played out phrase, click here to see some of the most common cliché breakup excuses and what.

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We've all been through a rough, life-shattering breakup at some point in our lives –it's all part of growing up, and often, the heartache is worth the eventual.

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Top Breakup Phrases and What They Really Mean . if you and your partner can' t see a solution to any of these reasons or find a way to compromise in order to.