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The world-famous Blue Angels are based at NAS Pensacola, and can be Practice times vary so check the schedule below prior to planning.

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The Blue Angels practice most Tuesdays and Wednesdays from March through November. Practices start around a.m. (Central Time) and last about 55 minutes. We recommend Click to view the Blue Angels Practice Schedule .

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US Navy Blue Angels Release Practice Schedule for Practices typically begin at am central time and last about 55 minutes.

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Dates with a star () are autograph days at the National Naval Aviation Museum following the practice. All practices are at.

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Blue Angels Air Practices. Beginning in March each year, when the Blues are in town, you can see them practice Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at

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There is a TFR also for tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday, I suppose for the Blue Angels to practice. The time is 11 am-5 PM. I'm sure they won't.

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The Blue Angels' practice schedule for the week has been adjusted, and the flight line will open at a.m. before the Blue Angels fly at 9.

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Jan 20, , AM. Save. Had anyone posted up in El Centro to watch the Blue Angels on a weekend? If so any tips? The practice time in El Centro ends with the airshow in March. You can access park near the airport. You can look on line for practice schedules, or maybe contact the base Public Information office.

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Cruises coincide with the Blue Angels practice schedule, and seating is limited Practices typically begin around am (central time) and last about 75 Pilots serve two to three years, with the Blue Angels flying team consisting of.

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Presented by Pensacola's Kia Autosport, the Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show is the flourish on an exciting air show season. We'll see you there!.